Monday, September 17, 2012


Last week I wrote a post about imagination and making dreams come true.

This week I've finally realised that dreams and imagination are a result of initiation. Everything has moved in such an amazingly fast and lovely pace that I cant help but wonder where I started and began. I also can't help but think :

I have finally found a "A quote," that's beginning to reveal itself in most areas of my life, courtesy The Beatles :

"The love you take is equal to the love you make"

This has all coincided with the creation of "Illustration Much," an illustration studio of sorts started by four os us - Me and three of my closest friends from college.
Logo courtesy Anant Ahuja

We launched Illustration Much at Kitsch Mandi this weekend - It's a popular flea market in my lovely home city of Bangalore. The responses and the love we received was immense! And we're so happy to continue putting out more work in the future.

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cyril said...

my favourite illustrator & graphic designer in the whole world has finally taken that first, all important step!!! :-)

wish you all the best (luck, you don't need...)

lovely lovely work!!!



Taaneya Balaji said...

Much love :)

aeneadellaluna said...

Your blog is soo cute! I found you through illustration friday! I love this post!

Taaneya Balaji said...

Thank you aeneadellaluna :P
Seen your work as well, its absolutely lovely!

roberto m. said...

Congratulations Taaneya!
I love The Beatles and good graphic designers like you! :)))))))))

Taaneya Balaji said...

Roberto! Thank you :)