Friday, October 7, 2011

To my dear blog

To my dear blog (Wander Dust,is that your name?I'm really not sure),
It's 3:30 am and as usual, I can't really sleep.So I decided to check you out.I also thought I'd look at my blogger profile which says that you've been active since August 2006.Wow.
   I don't know why I started you.But it happened anyways.I was a 16 year old kid messing around with photoshop and I really liked what I was coming up with.At the time.I don't really approve of my work then now but that isn't really suprising now is it?
   When people ask me why I started a blog I'd like to tell them it's because I really want to know what people think of my work.But the truth is, I'm still and will probably always be very shy when it comes to putting my work out there.The reason I started this blog was to record my work and in the process unknowingly, record my life.
  When I go back 6 pages or 2 years on this blog and I look at my work I can come up with a whole story about what urged me to think up what I did then.And I guess thats the beauty of it.
  Steve Jobs died yesterday.And I came across a quote of his about loving what you do.It was about how you should believe that the work you're doing at the present moment is truly great work.How this belief will only get better as life goes on.It meant alot to me,because I love what I do.
  But let's face it.I go through so many phases.I don't know where I'll be next year, and if I do end up studying curation and art history I only hope I have the courage to pull through.And that courage has certainly come from this blog.Alot of the good things that have happened in my professional life have happened because of this blog.The lovely comments.The lovely people leaving those comments.It's all good.
  Thank you :)
So if I do choose Tumblr or Wordpress to start my writing blog don't be mad.Just be glad I finally got the courage to write!



cyril said...

as long as I get to see your work and stay updated about the new creative things u are trying out..i don't care if its tumblr or wordpress or any other medium...keep up the good work...u are great at what u do :)

cheers! and all the best!

Taaneya Balaji said...

Your comment just made my day :) Thank you :)