Monday, October 24, 2011

Illustration Friday - Fuel

"Contentment consist not in adding more fuel, but in taking away some fire."
                                                                                 ~ Thomas Fuller

*I LOVE my tablet*


cyril said...

there is always something so rustic, something so grounded and earthy ,about your pieces, accentuated by modern, fresh tinges and hues and a few contemporaneous elements...your pieces reach out and come across as recluse at the same time...OK this may sound weird, but I so wish I could peep into your mind and see the inner workings when you are at work :)
Keep surprising us, and more importantly, yourself! :)

Taaneya Balaji said...

I LOVE suprising myself :) So odd you mentioned that.As for suprising everyone else lets hope that works!

MathewRhys said...

oooooh very cool interpretation of this weeks IF :) nice work :)

cyril said...

well...its not odd actually if you come to think of it :) one's work is an expression, a signature, if you may.once the credibility of the work (i.e. if it comes from within or is meant to just 'please')is established, the "work" becomes a two-way kinda mirror :) if you know what i mean...
figuring out that you 'LOVE' to surprise yourself was therefore the easy part:)