Friday, March 25, 2011

Design Love : The Good Earth 2011 Planner

As my year got a bit busy in February and I hate forgetting things I decided to buy myself a  planner.
This has increased my interest in planners in general.
They can so much more interactive and fun.This can make planning one's year as much fun.
So I visited Good Earth in Mumbai in January and fell for their planner "India Circus."

Designed by Bubble design,it's colourful,simple and unique.

It's perfect for someone who loves bollywood,colour and illustration.

It's main theme is the everyday experiences of comtemporary India or the "Indian Tamasha."

And the illustrations based on the exact same idea.

It emphasizes on what we take for granted in our country and how all this chaos is really beautiful.It's  perfect creative inspiration for any designer.I paid Rs.350 for the planner so it's worth it too!

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