Monday, February 9, 2009

Fix you

3 different self-potraits.3 different stands.Not to mention 3 different stages of change.
Apparently i have big(says everyone),wandering(says my mother )eyes.A mole.And a prominent nose(yes i know!).

Maybe my face says it all.Realising myself is fun.It's freeing in so many ways.
Some realisations include:
A.I love love,mexican food and art.
B.I love to travel.
C.I suprise myself alot of the time.
D.Turbulence scares me.
E.I love to worry.
F.I rather smile to get through life.

Lots more realisations.Lately i've turned to writing them down.And hopefully more self-potraits!


Anushka said...

Love the black and white most of all. It's unlike any of your other ones. Especially the eyes. They kinda represent you, to me. What with all the big-ness and dreaminess.

Rahul said...

oh the last piece of lovely

Stephen said...

this is lovely and so are you!

Syd said...

dont lie! the last one is ad!

jazzlamb said...

ooh.cubism and all...
and thanks for the visit on my blog!